Me and Mister Bo” ~ If you could go to heaven now, would you?

A simple decision leads to a life-changing event inHas Anyone Seen My Brain?”

Above the Rain” ~ A story of friendship, of hope, of seeking a better place.

Adventures continue with Brain, Addi, Jaden and Anekia on the world ofDioji.”

Heartknocks” ~ A short story about a short life.


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(Amazon review of Me and Mister Bo)  —  “This is the third book I’ve read by Dan Nimak, and he never disappoints. From the first book I read by this author, I was thoroughly impressed. The character development is always on point. The reader can easily get to know the characters gradually layer by layer. The depth of emotion is authentic, and the flow of the dialogue and the dialogue itself are so beautifully written with such passion that even the words I’m using to describe it aren’t decent enough to describe it.  Taya will break your heart as well as the other characters, but believe me there are funny moments, too. True to life. Even the descriptions of time and setting have emotion with an atmospheric undertone. Such a heartfelt work of art just like his previous books. Dan Nimak knows how to write a masterpiece. Anything he’s written so far that I’ve read is pure gold. Highly recommended!”