When thirteen-year-old Taya’s beloved grandfather dies, she sets out on a mission to find his old friend. Her journey to Mister Bo holds many surprises, and she discovers that once they meet – the adventure has only begun. Partnering with Mister Bo, Taya has a unique opportunity to grasp the hope she desperately seeks, but the answer to the life-changing decision she must soon make isn’t as simple as it seems.


The way you tied everything together in the end worked brilliantly. You’ve done exactly what a travel story requires: given us seemingly random adventures that build and tie together into something thematically poignant.”  –  Rochelle Deans (freelance editor)

“A truly heartwarming story about a little girl lost who finds her way!” – Amazon reviewer

“This book hits all the marks for an excellent read. The characters are people you want to meet and spend time with in your life. They have seen pain, happiness, and are looking for their next destination. I loved the heart of Taya and her decisions were mature and allowed her to find people and places she never thought possible. Mister Bo was such a wonderful man, with his broken heart, yet an optimistic view of life. This is a book for anyone that thinks they have reached their destination and are a bit bored. It allows for a magical walk with some magical walkers. The side characters were just as powerfully written as the main, and I have a different outlook now than I did when I first opened the book.” – Amazon reviewer


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