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Zach is dreaming when he meets Lourdes, but she isn’t. The first visit to this special place for twelve-year-olds is always through a dream. Return visits are real, but so are the tests and challenges from a world that can read minds. As Zach desperately tries to find his way back, Lourdes’ frightening secret may cause him to lose the only friend he’s ever had. And the magical world they both love may be lost forever.

“There may be some of us out there who wouldn’t mind getting lost in their dreams. Maybe even living there in a permanent escape from reality. I like the connection of the characters through their personal hardships and the dreamscape world. It helped that the author wrote it so well that I could see and feel through their eyes what was going on. This middle grade book also had an ethereal feel to it and a realism that was well crafted and genuine, even flawless. The uniqueness of the way this book was told and described was like a fairytale coming to life in high definition. I could imagine this book being shown across a movie screen, one I’d pay to see with my nine year old son. I hope to see more from this author and wouldn’t mind reading and reviewing all of his books. Believe me I’m not easily impressed by much, but this one was a keeper. He’s written something quite special.” – Amazon reviewer

“I love the author’s style, which is kind of simple with no fluff or wasted words. Simple, but a deeply touching story about two kids who find each other in a magical world existing basically for outsiders. I’ll be thinking about Lourdes and Zach for some time.” – iBooks reviewer

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